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Florida highways are dangerous enough when you are sitting inside a large car, sport utility vehicle (SUV), or truck. However, when you’re pedaling a bicycle on a vulnerable, exposed, and unprotected Florida street, Florida driveway or sidewalk-Florida, you are preparing to completely abandon your safety and your life in the hands of the following motor vehicle drivers, who approaches and surrounds you. A distracted split second for a driver can be the end of their pedaling journey and potentially their life.

Most motor vehicle drivers are not good at sharing the road with vehicles powered by the power of the human foot. No matter how careful you are as a cyclist, you cannot fully protect yourself against careless motor vehicle drivers. Even when you are lucky enough to have a designated bike lane, there is generally no physical barrier to prevent cars and other motor vehicles from invading your bike lane. That painted line won’t stop a two-ton, three-ton, four-ton or heavier vehicle hitting it and won’t be able to send any more flying to serious personal injury , broken bones, road rash, brain damage, paralysis and potentially death. .

All Florida drivers have a legal obligation to watch out for bicyclists. When someone breaches this obligation contracted with those who share the road and innocently pedaling their bicycle for pure exercise or transport free of gasoline, the bodily harm suffered by the cyclist can be devastating and physically and financially overwhelming.

No matter how careful you are as a cyclist, you cannot fully protect yourself against careless motor vehicle drivers.


Florida Ticket Firm knows the Florida traffic laws that apply to the interaction of bicycles and motor vehicles on Florida roads and Florida driveways. Florida Ticket Firm and its personal injury attorneysKnowledgeable and experienced also know the challenges to those who, as a seriously injured cyclist, face medical expenses, rehabilitation, physical therapy, professional therapy, pain, emotional stresses, and feelings of helplessness and being overwhelmed. It is quite difficult to deal with the life-changing physical impact that serious personal injury can cause, but adding the relentless financial impact can be seriously staggering.

Florida Ticket Firm can help you if you have been seriously injured, or a family member has been killed, in a bicycle accident. Accomplished allow personal injury lawyers in Florida Ticket Firm to help. Florida Ticket Firm works hand-in-hand with highly respected, experienced personal injury attorneys , and handles all personal injury matters on a contingent fee basis. All costs of finding your claim will be made on your behalf and you owe nothing unless there is a recovery.

Call the Florida Ticket Firm today at 844-352-3476 for a free consultation with a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney. Florida Ticket Firm can help you.