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How Much is a Speeding Ticket in Florida?

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How Much is a Speeding Ticket in Florida?

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Speeding Ticket, Traffic Ticket

You know the feeling – you’re running late for work or to pick up your kid and just need to get there. So you speed, and then red and blue lights pop up in your rearview mirror.

What now?

Chances are you’re going to get a speeding ticket. In fact, 112,000 people get a speeding citation every day!

The price and penalties of your ticket depend on different factors, which vary from state to state.

Here’s everything you need to know about speeding fines when you’re driving in Florida.

The Categories of Speeding

Speeding fines aren’t set to one standard rate. One of the biggest deciding factors is just how much over a speed limit you were going. For 6-9MPH, fines are capped at $129. Going 10-14 MPH over the speed limit can result in a fine up to $204, while going 15-19MPH can cost up to $254. For the street racers out there, going 20-29 MPH can cost you up to $274, and speeds that are 30MPH+ over the limit can result in the maximum rates & additional penalties. Additionally, speeding fines double for  any special zones such as active school zones or construction sites with active workers.

It’s one thing to be pushing a few miles past the limit. But, it’s more dangerous – and therefore more expensive – to be driving 20 or even 30 miles over.

Let’s take a look at how the prices break down.

6 to 9 MPH

Did you think a sign said 45 MPH when it really said 40?

Not many police officers will buy that, which means you’ll have to pay up. Thankfully, if you were only a little bit over, you don’t have to pay much.

Fines for anything under 10 MPH over the limit are capped at $129.

10 to 14 MPH

If $129 sounds like a lot, keep in mind the rate almost doubles if you’re going between 10 and 14 MPH.

You can expect such speeding fines to reach up to $204.

Just think, are the extra few minutes or so worth the price?

15 to 19 MPH

For those who are clocked going 15 to 19 MPH over, at least the price doesn’t double again.

But, these speeding fines still come in at a whopping $254.

If it’s not about the money for you, at least consider the risks of driving so far over the limit.

20 to 29 MPH

Speaking of risks, there really isn’t much of a reason to be driving as much as 20 to 29 MPH over the limit.

However, if you happen to be that guy, you may also be the next person to pay a $279 speeding fee in Florida.

30 MPH & Over

Going 30 MPH over is either an emergency situation or asking for trouble.

Not only do these speeding fines get to the highest rates possible, but they come with a court order. This isn’t about fighting your ticket or not, it’s about having a judge decide if more penalties will be added.

Such cases include civil penalties (extra speeding fines), more points on your license (or revocation), or being ordered to attend traffic school.

Going Over the Limit in Special Areas

Do you think $100 to almost $300 dollars sounds like a lot to pay for speeding fines?

This gets even worse if you’re driving over the limit on certain roads.

The most common of which include construction sites where workers are present and school zones when the light is on. In these areas, fines will be double the normal rate.

Another thing to consider is the county you’re driving in.

It’s one thing to speed on a rural backroad and another to try to fly through traffic in Miami Dade. Each county is able to decide their own rates, and if you decide to fight the ticket, you have to go through the local authorities.

Additional Speeding Fines

Paying a speeding ticket doesn’t always stop at the cost of the citation.

There are a few other things to consider beyond the rate an officer hands you.

Auto Insurance Increase

Every time you get any kind of traffic ticket, your car insurance company finds out.

As such, they can use this as an excuse to charge you more for your monthly rate.

This is a fine that is hard to get back down, which means you’ll be paying extra for a long time. It makes speeding fines add up, and to think you could just avoid all of this if you obey the law.

Taking a Traffic Course

There’s no use in dwelling on hindsight after getting a ticket.

In fact, if you are eager to get your car insurance rate back down there is one thing you can do. Go to traffic school. Traffic courses in the state of Florida are offered online or in person.

But, they aren’t free. You’ll have to pay for your course out of pocket and be sure to pass the exam at the end.

Otherwise, you might have to do the whole thing all over again.

When you do successfully complete it, send the certificate to your insurance company right away. This might be enough to lower your rate.

But, be sure to talk about all the details with your claims and policy agent.

Challenging Your Citation

Sometimes, drivers feel they have gotten an unfair speeding fine.

If you are one of these people, you can opt to fight the citation.

You should note this is of your own accord, though. You’ll have to come up with the money to hire a traffic lawyer. There may be additional fees involved as well, depending on your case.

You can also find a traffic firm to help you get your points reduced.

This is separate from paying speeding fines, but it helps you in the long-run.

The fewer points you have on your license, the less you pay in insurance. Plus, you don’t have as much of a risk of losing your license altogether.

Taking Care of Your Speeding Ticket

Did you or someone in your family recently get pulled over and ticketed?

If you all share one car or have multiple cars on the same insurance, you could all be affected. Talk to your partner and teenagers about the importance of driving the speed limit.

Should any of you find yourself having to pay fines, make sure you know your options.

Contact us today to fight a citation or register for traffic school.