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Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer For a Speeding Ticket?

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Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer For a Speeding Ticket?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Speeding Ticket

There are now a record number of people representing themselves in courts around the country, for charges ranging from traffic tickets to misdemeanors. Unfortunately, the odds don’t play in their favor.

Are you wondering “Is it worth getting a lawyer for a speeding ticket?” If so, the answer will surprise you.

If this isn’t your first ticket, you could be facing steeper fines than the average speeding ticket would warrant. It could be hard to get a judge to sympathize with a repeat offender.

If you’re looking into a career where you need to have a perfect record and this is your first ticket, a lawyer could keep your record squeaky clean.

Anyone still asking “Is it worth getting a lawyer for a speeding ticket?” should think about these six reasons why a lawyer can save time and money in the end.

1. Lawyers Know How to Beat Your Charge

Looking at your traffic ticket, your eye goes right to the amount of money you’ll be charged with this offense. You’re not likely looking for inconsistencies or problems in the details of the ticket. You may not even know what is supposed to be on a ticket.

If you are innocent of what’s being claimed by the ticket, you might not even know how to prove otherwise. The average person doesn’t have the training or the experience to put together a case to prove otherwise.

Handing your ticket over to a lawyer could get their gears moving instantly. They will start to notice errors or weak points where you could start building a case. If there are major errors visible, you might be able to have the case dismissed entirely.

A lawyer can be more than just a second pair of eyes. After they find errors in your ticket, there will be no need to ask “Is it worth getting a lawyer for a speeding ticket?” You’ll know via your dismissed case.

2. Lawyers Can Bring A High Ticket Down

If you happened to come across a traffic officer on a particularly good day, when they adeptly crossed every “T” and dotted every “I,” your fight isn’t over. If you feel there’s no way to get out of claiming responsibility for your offense, a traffic lawyer can still help you.

Pleading to a judge, citing years of good driving without any infractions, and showing up with a lawyer at your side can help you cut the fine way down. A lawyer is an expert negotiator and can help you achieve a lower fine, which will keep you from the financial hit of paying your complete fine. Get to know how much of a fine you could be facing in advance.

If you’ve got enough proof that you’re an otherwise responsible citizen, good driver, and intend to keep it that way, a judge will show leniency and cut your ticket down. Showing up without a lawyer will mean that you could frame your argument incorrectly or couldn’t provide the proof that the court would demand.

3. Attorneys Will Fight For Your Rights

Even when you’re in the gray area of lawfulness, you have rights granted to you by the state that you live in. You may not be aware of how you’re protected, but a lawyer will know. They will use that knowledge to fight for you to retain your rights.

Having someone on your side who knows what you’re entitled to and what other traffic law precedents have been set, will ensure that you get a favorable outcome. If you’re thinking “Is it worth getting a lawyer for a speeding ticket?” just think about how little you know about the laws in your state.

4. It Won’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Even the thought of hiring a lawyer can cause some people to grab their wallet tightly. It seems like an expensive proposition that’s out of reach for the average person. Most people think that hiring a lawyer could be more expensive than your ticket costs.

The number of affordable lawyers is steadily rising around the country.

However, hiring a traffic lawyer means that you’ll be getting legal representation for a low price. Lawyers know that the market isn’t the same as high crimes and they know the law well enough to be able to handle traffic tickets quickly.

Larger law firms could process hundreds of traffic tickets in a day, making it a fairly inexpensive proposition. Consider the amount of money you could have your ticket reduced by and compare that to what your lawyer quotes you as charging. You could be saving a great deal, especially if your ticket is dismissed.

You’ll also save money on your next ticket if you manage to keep your record clean.

5. Prosecutors Are Intimidated by Traffic Lawyers

If you walk into the court on your own, the prosecutor handling your case isn’t going to flinch. They’re going to expect a walk in the park, with an inexperienced person trying to navigate the law by telling convoluted stories or personal hardships.

Unfortunately, these kinds of approaches don’t work well in court.

When you walk in with a lawyer at your side, the prosecutors will see that you’re not going to be bullied. They also will have to change their approach by seeing that they’re going to have to deal with someone who knows the law.

Hiring a lawyer will bring you confidence and even a win in your case.

6. Judges Look At You Differently

If you show such a deep level of investment, your judge will take notice. Whether or not your claim any guilt at all, they’ll see that you take this ticket seriously.

While you may think that hiring a lawyer makes you look guilty, often the inverse is true.

Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer For A Speeding Ticket?

Getting a lawyer for your speeding ticket case is an approach that works on multiple levels. Even if you can’t get the ticket entirely dismissed, you’ll see a lower fine and a better record on file in the case that you get a ticket in the future.

If you’re ready to start hunting for the right lawyer for your ticket, contact us to get started.