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Pedal to the Metal: How to Find and Hire Your First Traffic Court Attorney

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by | Jul 15, 2019 | Traffic Ticket

Statistics show that out of the 196 million drivers in the United States, about 41 million will receive a speeding ticket each year. This is almost 112,000 tickets a day. The average cost of a ticket is about $152, and this translates to over six trillion dollars paid each year in speeding tickets.

Whether you get a speeding ticket, forget to turn your signal on, or make an illegal turn, being stopped for a traffic violation can escalate if you aren’t careful. Paying a fine may end up messing your record, so you have to seek the help of a traffic court attorney.

Florida traffic laws can be tough to follow if you don’t even know all of the details. Are you considering hiring a traffic court lawyer for your recent traffic infraction? We compiled this guide to help you find and hire the best ticket lawyer.

Settle for a Local Attorney

It’s vital for the ticket lawyer you settle for to be familiar with the location which you receive the ticket.

This makes you have a better shot at fighting for your speeding ticket. The lawyer is also likely to know defenses and justifications that can translate into a better outcome for your case.

Great Communication Skills

When in search of a lawyer, you should consider someone who’s able to communicate clearly. Some lawyers may offer a free initial phone conversation or even visit, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to know how well they express themselves.

As you get to know what they have to offer, it’s equally important that you try and establish a good rapport.

Take note that if they cannot articulate their points properly before a magistrate, there’s a higher chance that they may end up misrepresenting you.

Also, for your lawyer to have concrete evidence needed to win a case, there should be effective communication between you and them.


You need to source for a lawyer that has been in the industry for a long time. While at it, you have to make sure that they’ve handled several cases that are similar to yours. This way, you are guaranteed they’ll help you win your case.

If they’ve handled similar cases before and have had no success, you should expect the same to happen if you hire such attorneys.

Background Checks

You should always do a background check on the lawyers you are hoping to hire. This is great as it helps you know whether or not they’re authentic.

You’ve also got to see if they possess the right certification and training. This will give you an assurance that they are not just licensed but have the right qualifications to handle traffic offense cases.

It’s also essential to do a background check on the reputation of an attorney. Go online and search to find out what the previous clients say about their quality of service.

The problem with most unlicensed lawyers is that they’ve got poor service and you may end up losing a lot of money in legal fees.

Ask for Referrals

Most people end up losing their case in court because they didn’t do their homework beforehand. To settle for the right attorney, you should ask for referrals early enough.

Begin by consulting people who’ve been in your situations before for recommendations. The lawyer you will be referred to maybe someone who’s represented them and had success at some point.

You can also do online research on ticket lawyers in your area. This will generate lawyers that you can contact to see if they’re a perfect match.

Take Note of the Price

Take note of attorneys with reduced legal fees. Most pre-paid legal services offer representation at a subsidized rate, but the problem is that most lawyers involved have little knowledge about traffic court.

Also, the reduced price may be to consult and not to represent. So, some lawyers may likely change their tune and inflate their initial cost to suit your “unique” or” special” circumstance.

You have to be clear on the scope and purpose of your representation by examining what’s included in the cost of representation.

This way, you’ll know the services to expect from the attorney. Before retaining a traffic lawyer, request a written agreement so that you’re both clear on the terms.


The court process can be a stressful process, so you’ll need a traffic court lawyer who can make the process simpler. The attorney should explore your case conclusively so that you can focus on the vital aspects of your life. Your initial consultation is the best time for you to figure out whether or not the lawyer is trustworthy.

Analytical Skills

Finding a traffic court lawyer with exceptional analytical skills is crucial for the success of your case.

This is because they can easily review complex written documents, draw inferences, and make connections among legal authorities. They can also use deductive and inductive reasoning to draw references and reach a conclusion.

That said, when identifying an attorney look for professionals that can complete cases in the shortest time possible.

You can do this by checking the duration the lawyer takes to complete cases similar to yours.

Let a Traffic Court Attorney Beat Your Case!

When in search of a great traffic court attorney, it’s always vital that you conduct a background check as this will help you evaluate their reputation.

Excellent communication is equally important as you have a better shot at winning your case.

A referral is a great way to find an ideal attorney, but you’ve got to begin your consultation from people who’ve had cases similar to yours and had success.

Price is also an important consideration, so don’t always fall for attorneys that offer low fees. Most importantly, request a written agreement so that you’re both clear what to expect.

Have you been arrested following the violation of traffic rules? Get in touch with us, and one of our Florida traffic ticket lawyers will help you out.