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Speed Costs: How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Florida

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Speed Costs: How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Florida

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Firm News, Speeding Ticket

Can you actually afford your need to speed? Florida is a pretty big state, and it’s tempting to speed down the road to your next destination. However, a speeding ticket in Florida may cost way more than you bargained for.

By understanding more about the possible tickets and their range of costs, you can adjust your driving accordingly. Avoid speeding your way into the poor house with our handy guide!

Different Factors to Consider

When it comes to the price of a Florida speeding ticket, there are a few different variables to be aware of. Such variables often dictate exactly how much you will end up paying.

First of all, there are different ticket costs based on how fast you were going at the time. As you can imagine, higher speeding ticket costs are tied to higher speeds. It is ultimately at the discretion of the county how much your ticket costs within speed range.

Second, traveling in certain areas can increase how much you pay. For example, traveling through a school zone or construction zone can increase the ticket cost and increase the likelihood of getting a ticket rather than a warning.

Third, the frequency of a specific offense can sometimes increase how much you pay. When it comes to “reckless driving” speeds, repeat offenses can cost the driver thousands of dollars.

While the immediate cost of a speeding ticket is very important, it is not the only price you may pay for speeding through Florida.

More Than Just Money

In Florida, speeding tickets lead to more than just a pricey ticket. They also lead to points on your driver’s license.

It is sometimes possible to reduce or remove these points by attending traffic school. And going to traffic school may be a requirement if you appear before a judge.

Otherwise, the points pile up on your license for speeding and other offenses. And enough points can lead to your license being suspended.

For example, if you get 12 points on your license in a 12-month period, your license may be suspended for a month. And 18 points over 18 days can lead to a suspension of 3 months.

If you get 24 points over a 36-month period, your license may be suspended for a year. Furthermore, extra points on your license can lead to an increase in your insurance rates.

Typical speeding tickets put 3 points on your license and certain tickets put 4 points on your license. Therefore, an abundance of relatively cheap tickets for mild speeding can still lead to a suspension and/or costlier insurance.

Slow and Low

It is a common belief that you cannot get a speeding ticket for anything between 1 and 5 miles per hour over the limit. While police officers can technically issue a ticket for any kind of speeding, you are most likely to get a warning (assuming you are pulled over at all).

One exception to this is if you are in a school zone. Therefore, even a low speeding offense can get you a ticket that ranges between $50 and $150.

Getting Faster

The next speeding ticket category is 6-9 miles over the speed limit. At this speed, you are less likely to get a warning and more likely to get an actual speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets in this range are typically $120 to $150. If you are speeding through a school zone, the fees are typically $145 to $175.

Even Faster

Next up is speeding 10 to 14 miles over the limit. This higher speed brings a correspondingly higher speeding ticket.

Here, speeding ticket prices typically vary between $190 to $225. Going through a school zone at this speed typically means a ticket between $290 and $325.

Getting Dangerous

Going 15-19 miles over the limit means you are going dangerously fast. Both the ticket amount and the points help to underscore this.

First, the ticket alone may cost between $240-$275. And if you’re traveling through a school zone,  it can be between $390 and $425.

Second, the points have now gone up. The previous speeding tickets all put 3 points on your driver’s license. This ticket, however, puts 4 points on there, moving you very quickly towards a suspension of your license.

Nearly Reckless

When you drive 20-29 miles over the limit, you are falling just short of reckless driving. The ticket amount reflects this and is meant to serve as a deterrent.

The speeding ticket for this is usually between $265 and $300 dollars. In a school zone, that amount jumps up to $440-$475. As with the previous ticket, this puts 4 points on your license.

If you drive any faster than this, you are risking your wallet and your license along with many lives.

Reckless Driving

Driving 30 miles or more over the limit means a ticket between $340 and $375. In a school zone, it is between $550 and $590. And it adds 4 points to your driver’s license.

However, things are more serious than usual at this speed. Instead of “only” paying the ticket, you will be forced to show up to court. It’s entirely possible that you will be charged with reckless driving.

It is possible to have your license revoked outright, even if this is your first offense. And while you may be sentenced to traffic school, your attendance will not actually remove the points from your license like it normally would.

Finally, going this fast usually results in a major increase in your insurance premiums. In many ways, this is worse than the hefty speeding ticket because you may be paying these higher premiums over a period of many years.

The Devil Is In the Details

An experienced traffic attorney may be able to help you fight your speeding ticket. However, you’ll need to provide them with as much info as possible.

Despite your stress, try to jot down as many details as you can from when you were pulled over. This includes where and when you were stopped, cop unit and badge number, and even the state of the weather.

The more details everyone has, the likelier you are to win the case.

Speeding Tickets in Florida: The Last Laugh

Now you know the cost of speeding tickets in Florida. But do you know how to fight them?

We don’t think you should pay for that ticket; we think you should win. To see how we can win your case, just submit your ticket today!