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Running A Stop Sign

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Running A Stop Sign

Traffic Tickets For Running Stop Signs And Other Traffic Control Devices


Go. Go. Go. Stop! Today’s world is so fast-paced that there’s no time to slow down – much less stop. Well, stopping is exactly what you need to do at a stop sign or face a traffic ticket for violation of a traffic control device. Coming to a complete stop at a stop sign is easier said than done for many Florida drivers. Many Florida drivers are already mentally on the other side of the intersection at a four-way stop before even reaching the stop sign.

Some police officers and other law enforcement officers like to describe Florida drivers’ manner of responding to a stop sign much like a sushi menu: there’s the “Florida Roll,” the “Hollywood Roll,” the “Miami Roll” and the “Boca Roll,” among others. Many drivers approach a stop sign, slow down slightly, roll past the stop sign and then hit the gas pedal. That’s a stop sign violation and a stop sign ticket if a police officer observes you rolling by the stop sign.

Fight For Your Driving Record

Florida Ticket Firm’s stop sign ticket lawyers know how to defend a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation for running a stop sign. The state of Florida has to prove that you failed to follow the traffic control device (i.e., the stop sign) by coming to a complete stop. Generally, the only way for the State to prove that you are guilty of running a stop sign is by witness testimony from the police officer or deputy sheriff who issued you the traffic citation for running a stop sign. Our Florida traffic ticket attorneys know the questions to ask the law enforcement officer on the witness stand to seek to get your stop sign case dismissed and you acquitted of the traffic ticket.

To be able to stop for a stop sign, you must be able to see the stop sign and the stop sign must be positioned so as to be visible and not obstructed. Depending upon the location of the stop sign and visibility of the stop sign, there might be additional defenses available to our experienced traffic ticket lawyers to seek the dismissal of your traffic ticket violation for running a stop sign. Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic ticket lawyers know the technical arguments that can be made, depending upon the facts of your case, to seek a dismissal of your stop sign ticket.

Stop signs are not the only traffic control devices that are supposed to guide and control Florida traffic. There are also the following Florida traffic signs, among many others:

  • Yield signs
  • One Way signs
  • Wrong Way signs
  • Do Not Enter signs
  • No U-Turn signs

Failure to obey any of the above traffic control signs (also known as traffic control devices under Florida traffic law) can result in a traffic citation and subject your Florida driver license to points and subject you to potential increases in your insurance rates.

Like stop signs, a Florida traffic ticket for violating one of these traffic control signs is potentially subject to being dismissed based on legal technicalities, including the issuing police officer’s failure to correctly fill out the ticket for violating the traffic sign. Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic ticket attorneys possess the experience to attack the traffic ticket in the most effective manner and increase your chances that the ticket will get dismissed or adjudication will be withheld.

We’ll Fight For You

Call Florida Ticket Firm toll-free at 844-352-3476 to speak with one of our traffic ticket lawyers if you have received a Florida ticket for running a stop sign or failing to obey another traffic sign, let Florida Ticket Firm take over defending your Florida traffic ticket in court so you can spend time somewhere else. All INITIAL CONSULTATIONS with our knowledgeable and experienced running a stop sign ticket lawyers are FREE. Se habla Español.