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What You Need to Know When Buying a New Car in Florida

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So you’re thinking about getting a new (or new used) car. Great! Bet it will feel pretty good cruising the Florida highways. Before you make that purchase, though, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you don’t get ticketed.

Insurance on a New Vehicle

Before you can start driving that sweet automobile, you’ll need to have insurance. You won’t be able to take the car off the lot without it! Florida is a no-fault state and requires that all drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and property damage liability (PDL) insurance with a Florida insurance agent.

If you already have a covered vehicle, call up your agent and let them know you intend to purchase a new car. They’ll be able to let you know what’s covered and when. If you don’t currently have insurance, it’s time to get some! In order for a dealership to transfer the tag and title to you on a vehicle, you must have proof of insurance.

It’s likely that if you purchase a vehicle through the classifieds or on Craigslist, the previous owner will not ask you about your insurance. If you purchase a vehicle, however, and are caught driving without insurance, your license will be suspended and you will be required to pay a fee or you will be given a traffic ticket for no proof of insurance. While a skilled Florida traffic ticket lawyer may be able to get you out of your ticket, don’t risk it! Make sure you have the right coverage to protect you and your new vehicle.

Title for a New Vehicle

Unless you bought your car flat out, you won’t have a paper title that states those wheels belong to you. Most new car owners have an electronic title, at least until they pay off their auto loan.

Having a title is necessary to properly register your car. If you are purchasing a vehicle from an individual, you must be sure to get the title from them. The title is what clearly states you now own the vehicle. You’ll need to have the former owner sign the vehicle over to you so that you can get a new title and register the vehicle. (Looking for information on getting a title? Look here.)


If you purchase your vehicle at a licensed dealer, they will assist you in getting your new tags. However, purchasing from other dealerships or individuals will require that you take your title and proof of insurance to a local driver license and motor vehicle service center. Bring along your wallet to pay the appropriate registration fees for your vehicle.

Failing to register your vehicle can lead to a fine and have serious consequences. It can even affect your insurance rates.

Lemon Laws

Ok, a lemon won’t get you ticketed (unless you abandon it somewhere) but we did want to make you aware that as a new car owner (whether it was purchased new or used), you have rights! With any car, make sure you document all your repairs. Check here to see if you may have a lemon case.

If you experience any malfunctions with your car that can impact your ability to drive safely, you must get them fixed or you may be subject to a faulty equipment ticket. (For example, your wipers must work if it’s raining.)

New Car? Know the Law!

Before cruising along the beach, make sure you have everything you need squared away. Understand your rights and responsibilities so you can happily enjoy your new vehicle.

If you accidentally forget to take care of something—hey, we’re all busy—and get ticketed, know that there’s a skilled team of Florida traffic law lawyers ready to fight for you. The Florida Ticket Firm has helped clear millions of traffic tickets and we’re ready to clear another million. If you’ve been ticketed, contact us immediately to start the appeals process.