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4 Reasons you need a Traffic Violation Lawyer

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4 Reasons you need a Traffic Violation Lawyer

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Contesting Tickets, DUI, Florida Laws, Speeding Ticket, Traffic Ticket

Why you need to hire a traffic violation lawyer…

Whether you drive without a valid license, run a red light hit, make an illegal turn, forget to use a turn signal, driving intoxicated or get a speeding ticket, getting stopped by the police for a traffic violation is something that can easily get out of hand if you are not very careful. Of course, not all violations are of the same degree. Whilst some are less serious and do not involve much to resolve, others – like DUIs – are very serious and could have you doing some jail time. It is always a bad idea trying to defend yourself when charged with a traffic violation crime no matter how trivial it may seem as it could escalate into much more than you bargained for. Please continue reading to find out why you should hire a traffic lawyer in Hollywood.

You have a limited understanding of traffic law

Whilst traffic laws aren’t the most complicated when compared to other areas of the law, they certainly aren’t the easiest to grasp, at least not to a layman with no legal background. The truth is you aren’t ready for the monotonous work of researching and trying to understand the specific law you’ve violated and the ramifications thereafter. By hiring a traffic lawyer, you save yourself all the stress by hiring an expert who needs no introduction to what traffic laws and codes are all about; a professional with refined skills, having spent years representing clients in traffic courts and knows exactly what to do to bail you out of your predicament.

Ticket penalties are either set aside or lowered

Did you know that in 9 out of 10 cases, you are bound to pay a fine if you get a traffic ticket? In fact, every year, Americans pay in excess of $6 billion worth of speeding tickets which is an awful lot by all standards. Also with more penalties come more accumulation of points on your driving license. When such things happen, not only does your bank account suffer, your driving license is also likely to get suspended respectively. Enter a Hollywood traffic ticket lawyer. He/she knows the exact steps to take to have your penalty lowered by the judge or have it dismissed altogether.

You get alternative discipline

Most traffic offenders who find themselves on the wrong side of the law are bound to be found guilty especially if the prosecutor has substantial evidence against them. Even though in such cases, there may be little a lawyer can do to absolve you of guilt and reduce your penalty, a competent traffic violation attorney can fight to negotiate an alternative discipline. Of course, it may not be a pleasant option attending traffic school but you would definitely have to agree that it is better than having your license suspended.

You save money

Many traffic violators avoid hiring a lawyer as they’d rather settle a fine or serve a probationary period which is fine if the violation is nothing serious. If you’ve committed a far more serious offense however, fighting the charge alone in a bid to save money will be a very big mistake. The irony of the situation is that you will end up paying even more should you lose the case because once the violation shows up on your driving record, increasing your points in the process, you will end up paying higher premiums for auto insurance. For a small fee, you get to escape messy scenarios by hiring a traffic violation attorney.

Hiring a Traffic Violation Attorney is always the Right Step

Are you facing a traffic ticket or charge today and thinking of contesting it all by yourself? Please reconsider your decision. It is not a risk worth taking. Your best chance of getting that ticket penalty reduced or dismissed is by hiring a traffic violation lawyer. Don’t make your situation murky than it already is. Hire a traffic Violation Attorney today!


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