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Do Not Let A Criminal Traffic Violation Ruin Your Life

Many do not realize that some traffic violations are criminal offenses. If convicted of criminal traffic violations, you face serious consequences such as having your license revoked, incarceration, probation, community service, fines, civil penalties and restitution. Where do you go for legal guidance?

Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa is a criminal defense law firm that focuses on defending people accused of traffic crimes, misdemeanors and other criminal offenses. Our experienced attorneys have dedicated our legal practice to defending those whose freedom and livelihood are put in jeopardy by a criminal traffic infraction. We understand how devastating a criminal charge can be, particularly if you have never experienced the criminal court system before. Our attorneys have the experience to guide you.

Many do not realize that many traffic violations are criminal offenses.

Helping You Overcome These Charges

When accused of a criminal traffic crime, maintaining your innocence is of paramount importance. You have the right to remain silent when charged with a criminal traffic offense and should exercise that right to remain silent. And always remember that you need an experienced criminal traffic lawyer to speak for you.

Our attorneys have the skills to help you deal with criminal traffic violations that include:

We work with a network of criminal defense attorneys who are familiar with Florida criminal law and criminal traffic lawyers who are experienced defending those accused of committing traffic crimes. Please do not take a risk all alone with something as important as your freedom and your good name. A criminal record can follow you the rest of your life and take away opportunity after opportunity. Let us help you overcome this situation.

Contact A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Let Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa and its criminal traffic defense attorneys defend you, your freedom and your good name if charged with a criminal traffic violation in Florida. You do not want to face the state attorney, arresting officer or other law enforcement officer in court all alone. Contact us via email or call 844-352-3476 for a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We can help. Se habla español.