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A Helpful DUI Attorney Advocating For You

You may think that your life is over when arrested for DUI. You worked hard to get where you are, but one mistake of drinking and driving can set in motion a chain reaction that can have significant consequences without the help of an experienced DUI lawyer. Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa is a team of DUI attorneys who are well-respected and know the ins and outs of defending drivers charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

We will take immediate action on your behalf and build your defense to increase the likelihood that the charges will be dropped or dismissed. We understand the life-changing consequences of the charges you are facing and know where to find the weaknesses in the state’s case.

Let An Experienced Attorney Fight For You

Most people charged with DUI are good people who made a mistake. However, that mistake can destroy your life and all you have worked so hard to build, including your family, your career and your reputation. But our experienced attorneys know how to cross-examine law enforcement to punch holes in the state’s case.

Here are some crucial things to remember if arrested for DUI:

  • What you say can and will be used against you. Speaking with law enforcement without an attorney present is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when charged with DUI.
  • The prosecuting attorney may seek to prove that your blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeded the legal limit via a Breathalyzer reading, a blood toxicology test or a field sobriety test. But Breathalyzer tests may not be accurate, especially if the arresting officer does not know how to accurately operate the device.
  • Not only must you deal with the criminal DUI charges, you also have to deal with the state hearings to determine whether your driver’s license will be suspended.

You do not want to defend yourself against a DUI charge. You have already made one mistake, so you do not want to compound that mistake and make it worse. The longer you wait to speak with an attorney, the stronger the state will be able to make its case and the weaker your position. Remember, it is much easier for prosecuting attorneys to prove your guilt if you do not retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Set Up A Free Consultation

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Florida, Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa has the knowledge and insight to help you. Our lawyers can improve your chances that the DUI charges against you will be dismissed or you will be found not guilty and acquitted of the charges. For a free initial consultation, contact us via email or call 844-352-3476. Se habla español.