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Ride Share Injuries

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Ride Share Injuries

Advocating For Victims Of Rideshare Accidents

With the abundance of ridesharing options and companies that offer this service in Florida, people looking for convenient and affordable rides have plenty of choices. But what you may not know is that many of these ridesharing companies do not vet the drivers. And if you become injured in a ridesharing accident, you may find yourself in legal quandary because the rules regarding ridesharing insurance can be unclear.

An injury in any motor vehicle accident can affect your life in many ways. And an injury stemming from a ridesharing accident can provide even more complications. Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa will clear up any confusion and do its best to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Aggressively Confronting Negligent Parties

Florida Ticket Firm team aggressively confront ridesharing companies and will fight for you. If you have been injured in a ridesharing accident, here are some things that you can do to help with your case:

  • Get the driver’s name
  • Find out who owns the vehicle, because, in some instances, the driver may not own the vehicle
  • Record the vehicle’s make, model and year
  • Obtain any information regarding the vehicle’s insurance
  • If there were other passengers in the vehicle, get their names

With the Florida Ticket Firm, you get an experienced legal team that will advocate for you and make sure negligent parties and ridesharing companies do not shirk their responsibilities.

Contact A Seasoned Lawyer Now

If injured in a ridesharing accident and in need of legal representation, Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa is prepared to represent you. We will take on the negligent parties and do our best to obtain compensation for you. Please contact us online or call 813-276-6000. Se habla español.