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Drag Racing Tickets


Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers For Drag Racing

Drag racing, street racing, and highway racing on Florida’s streets, roads and highways is illegal and can subject you to criminal prosecution in Florida. Racing is also illegal in private parking lots or other areas not licensed or authorized for racing. Some people have the need for speed and don’t just see their car or motorcycle as transportation; they see their car as a speed machine; they see their motorcycle as a rocket. If you are caught drag racing, street racing, or highway racing, you’ll likely be raced off to jail in a police car. That’s why you’ll need a drag racing ticket attorney from the Florida Ticket Firm’s criminal traffic violations department in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County and St. Lucie County, defend those accused of drag racing, street racing, and highway racing. Sometimes, people are wrongfully accused of street racing because a police officer, deputy sheriff, or state trooper mistakenly believes that two vehicles are racing each other when they are both just accelerating normally from a stopped position at a traffic signal or stop sign. There are certain elements that the State prosecutor must prove to convict you of drag racing or street racing, but Florida Ticket Firm works with Florida criminal traffic lawyers who know how to poke holes in criminal charges for drag racing, street racing or highway racing.


Going fast is part of life in South Florida, but trying to go faster than another car, muscle car, supercharged machine, motorcycle, “crotch rocket” or other souped up motor vehicle on Florida’s public streets, roadways, highways or interstates simply for the sake of going faster is illegal. Everyone expects to see revving engines, spinning wheels, burning rubber, and zero to 60 mph in no time at a licensed racetrack or licensed drag strip. However, most don’t expect to see drag racing on Florida public streets, roads, highways, and interstates. Drag racing in Florida can have you dragged off to jail. Street racing and highway racing in Florida will have you taken off Florida streets and highways and put behind bars to cool your engines. If you’re caught street racing or highway racing in South Florida, you’ll just want to erase, as fast as you can, the bad memories and arrest record you “won” by racing.

Florida Ticket Firm works with experienced drag racing defense lawyers in Hollywood and surrounding areas who know how to defend criminal highway racing and street racing charges. Not only do you have to worry about you getting taken away for drag racing, street racing or highway racing in Florida but your race car, motorcycle or other speed machine may be taken away too, impounded and potentially subject to forfeiture. If that happens, the only road race you’ll be running is on foot–but even then, not until after you get out of jail.

In addition, if you were behind the wheel for the drag race and had a passenger to keep you company during your quest for speed, your racing passenger might also be keeping you company in jail. Not only is it illegal and a crime in Florida to drive in a drag race, it’s also illegal and a crime to knowingly ride as a passenger in a drag race, street race, or highway race.


However, if that’s not enough familiar faces for your post-speed reunion behind bars, you, your racing opponent and your willing racing passengers might be joined by even more jailhouse company if you had someone responsible for traffic control at your drag race, street race, highway race or speed exhibition. It is illegal and a Florida crime for anyone to purposefully move, divert or otherwise slow traffic for a drag race, street race, highway race or speed exhibition.

Likewise, anyone responsible for promoting, coordinating, facilitating, scheduling or collecting money at a drag race, street race, highway race or speed exhibition, could face Florida criminal charges. On top of that, if you were a willing and knowing spectator at a drag race, street race or highway race, in addition to risking your life around speeding street race cars spinning out of control, you could risk facing a noncriminal moving violation and receive a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation.

You don’t want to face the criminal (or even non-criminal, spectator) sanctions for an illegal, unsanctioned race unrepresented and all alone. If you’re facing Florida criminal charges related to drag racing, street racing or highway racing in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County or St. Lucie County, call Florida Ticket Firm at 844-352-3476 for a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced criminal traffic lawyer. Florida Ticket Firm can help you.