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Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer

South Florida traffic can be fast-paced and the streets, roads, interstates and highways can be full of fast moving cars, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles. Life in South Florida is life in the fast lane and full of distractions that take drivers’ attention away from driving. There’s so much to see and it’s the place to be seen. South Florida is a scene that comes a mixture of speed and carelessness that can lead to catastrophic results in the form of car crashes and serious personal injuries. Car safety has increased over time but so has car speed, car size and the devastating impact that a car crash can cause.


Car accidents can change lives, and end lives, in an unexpected instant. Driving from Point A to Point B, you don’t ever think you’re not going to make it to Point B. However, Florida drivers and passengers have their car trips cut short on a daily basis due to car accidents that result in serious personal injuries and sometimes death.

Florida Ticket Firm and its traffic ticket defense lawyers work together with experienced personal injury attorneys, and wrongful death attorneys, who know the steps to take to maximize the monetary recovery for those injured, and the families of those killed, in car accidents. Car accidents causing personal injuries can lead to the blame game as to who was at fault. Accurately applying Florida traffic law to the pertinent facts and circumstances leading to the car crash is many times critical in determining who was at fault in a car accident. Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic law attorneys are able to provide valuable evaluation and application of Florida traffic law in a car crash case to assess relative fault for the auto accident and determine how a jury would likely assess fault among potentially responsible parties.

Car safety has increased over time but so has car speed, car size and the devastating impact that a car crash can cause.

Even if you were partially at fault in an automobile accident and even if you received a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation related to a car accident, if you were seriously injured, you might still be able to seek a monetary recovery for a portion of your personal injuries from other responsible parties. Under Florida law, comparative negligence is applied to apportion fault between responsible parties, and other responsible parties can be liable to you in monetary damages for their percentage of fault.

Florida Ticket Firm and its personal injury lawyers also work with accident reconstruction experts who are able to piece together how the car crash happened. Many times those seriously injured in a car accident don’t remember how the accident happened. Automobile accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries that leave no memory of the events leading to the car crash. Applying engineering and physics principles, accident reconstruction experts utilize available information from the car accident scene together with eyewitness accounts to piece together what actually happened and caused the accident. Expert testimony in car accident cases can be crucial in determining who was at fault in the auto accident.


In addition to assessing fault (i.e., liability), damages must be proven as another critical component when seeking to recover for personal injuries arising out of a car accident. Potentially recoverable damages for personal injuries include recovery for past and future lost wages, lost earning capacity, past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, inconvenience and loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life. Florida Ticket Firm works with treating physicians, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts and life care planning experts to arrive at figures for some of these recoverable damages. The damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, inconvenience and loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life have no precise method of calculation, but can be the most significant portion of personal injury damages. Florida Ticket Firm and its experienced personal injury lawyers know how to highlight the hardship you suffer when impacted by a serious personal injury.

Following a serious personal injury from a car accident, there can be a long road to recovery, involving hospitalization, physical therapy, vocational rehabilitation and other medical care and treatment. In addition to the physical side, there’s the emotional side of a catastrophic personal injury, and coming to grips with the fact that your body and mind might not work the same way after being seriously injured in an auto accident. Florida Ticket Firm is familiar with the physical and emotional hurdles you face day-in and day-out when dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic personal injury from a car accident.

Not only do you have to deal with the hard work of getting physically and emotionally better, you have mounting medical bills, disputes with health insurance, loss of income and a feeling of helplessness because you’re not able to return to work. All of these stressors are magnified where you have a spouse, children and a family relying on you. Personal injuries from a car accident can completely turn your life upside down and take away the life you used to enjoy.

Florida Ticket Firm is here to help those who have suffered serious personal injuries in car accidents. Florida Ticket Firm handles personal injury cases throughout the entire State of Florida on a contingency fee basis and advances all costs on your behalf, so you never owe us anything unless there is a recovery. Call Florida Ticket Firm TODAY at 844-352-3476 for a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Florida Ticket Firm can help you.