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Bus Accidents

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School bus accidents, tour bus accidents, church bus accidents, party bus accidents and limousine accidents can involve numerous seriously injured passengers, particularly when the vehicle is not equipped with seat belts and it ends up flipping over on its side or down an embankment, tossing its unrestrained and unprotected passengers around within its interior. Likewise, school vans, tour vans, church vans, party vans and limo vans are also susceptible to causing life-changing injuries to many passengers all at once. When you get on a group bus or group van, you are entrusting your safe passage to your bus driver or van driver as well as the other Florida traffic your bus or van encounters during its trip.

When you are among many seriously injured in a tour bus or tour van accident, you want to make sure that you act swiftly given the many other competing claims of co-passengers. Florida Ticket Firm and the experienced personal injury bus accident lawyers who co-counsel cases with Florida Ticket Firm know how to make sure you and your personal injury claim are best positioned among the other personal injury claims to maximize your monetary recovery. Florida Ticket Firm knows Florida traffic laws that are critical in determining who was at fault in a tour bus accident or tour van accident. Combining that extensive Florida traffic law knowledge and experience with the extensive personal injury knowledge and experience of its personal injury co-counsel, provides Florida Ticket Firm’s personal injury clients with one of the strongest legal teams available for pursuing and maximizing the monetary recovery in your personal injury claim arising out of a tour bus or tour van accident.

When you are among many seriously injured in a tour bus or tour van accident, you want to make sure that you act swiftly given the many other competing claims of co-passengers.


Many seriously injured in tour buses or tour van accidents within Florida are in Florida vacationing and actually live out-of-state. When you are seriously injured and hospitalized far from home, it can put a great strain on family who want to be at your side, but who also have additional family obligations, work obligations and other obligations far, far away. The bus accident lawyers at Florida ticket firm understand these additional hardships facing someone injured in Florida but residing outside of Florida. Non-Florida residents suffering catastrophic injuries in Florida many times do not have the local support system to assist them while in the hospital undergoing surgeries and recovering to the point they are able to either travel home or to another medical facility or rehabilitation facility closer to home. Florida Ticket Firm handles personal injury cases throughout Florida and is prepared to help you and your family during the potentially lengthy recovery process.

If you have been involved in a serious bus accident, van accident or limousine accident, call Florida Ticket Firm today at 844-352-3476 for a FREE CONSULTATION with a knowledgeable Florida bus accidents attorney. Florida Ticket Firm and its experienced personal injury co-counsel handle all serious personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis, and you owe nothing unless there is a recovery. Florida Ticket Firm can help.