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Disorderly Conduct in Florida

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Disorderly Conduct in Florida

Florida Disorderly Conduct Charges

Sometimes you’re out at a party, restaurant or bar and having such a good time that you think everyone should share in the good time with you. You start trying to get everyone to participate in your good time. Unfortunately, not everyone around you is “feeling it” and are only feeling annoyed by you. What seems like a great time to you is only grating on everyone else’s patience.

You don’t understand why everyone else is such a party pooper. They’re really putting a damper on your epic-good time and being a real killjoy. You always consider yourself the life of the party but your party fever is not catching on. As it does not seem anyone is hearing you, you decide you need to turn up the volume on your personal party to let all of the surrounding party duds know what an incredible time they’re missing out on. If you try to force your idea of fun on everyone else, you might end up being forced to sleep off your good time in jail, with disorderly conduct charges filed against you to boot.

What’s In a Disorderly Conduct Charge

When you are in public, you are legally required to behave in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb the rest of the public around you. If you drink too much and make sure everyone around you knows you drank too much and you do so in an offensive way, you could find yourself partying it up with the jailhouse residents for the evening in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, or St. Lucie County.

Disorderly conduct citations may be issued for a range of other disruptive behaviors, such as fighting, using offensive language, or disturbing the peace. Disorderly conduct citations can also result in misdemeanor charges and may carry similar penalties to those associated with disorderly intoxication.

If you are facing disorderly conduct charges or a disorderly conduct citation in Florida, it’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to protect your rights and understand your legal options. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal system and work to minimize the potential consequences of the charges.

Defending Against Disorderly Conduct Charges

When facing disorderly conduct charges in Florida, there are several potential defenses that may be available, depending on the specific circumstances of the offense. Some possible arguments that an attorney may use to challenge disorderly conduct charges include:

  • The behavior in question was not disorderly or disruptive, but rather an exercise of free speech or expression.
  • The behavior was justified under the circumstances, such as in cases of self-defense or defense of others.
  • The behavior was a result of a mistake or misunderstanding, or was not intentional.
  • The police officers who issued the disorderly conduct citation did not have probable cause to do so.

It’s important to note that the specific defenses that may be available will depend on the particular facts of the case.

The burden is on the state of Florida to prove your guilt of the criminal charges. Don’t help the state prove its case. Don’t attempt to defend yourself.

Get The Help Of An Experienced Attorney Now

We work with experienced criminal defense attorneys in Tampa Bay, Florida, who can seek the dismissal of your disorderly intoxication (public drunkenness), disturbing the peace, or disorderly conduct criminal charges. To prove criminal charges for breach of the peace and disorderly conduct, the state of Florida prosecuting attorney must generally rely upon eyewitness testimony about your conduct. Florida Ticket Firm’s criminal defense attorneys know how to attack the state’s case and cross-examine any witnesses who are called to testify to support the state’s case.

You are innocent of any charges for disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct or disorderly intoxication (public intoxication / public drunkenness) until you are proven guilty. The burden is on the state of Florida to prove your guilt of the criminal charges. Don’t help the state prove its case. Don’t attempt to defend yourself. The potential criminal consequences and lifelong consequences of being found guilty of the Florida crimes of disorderly conduct or disorderly intoxication call for making certain you present the best defense available. Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced disturbing the peace lawyers improve the chances of the best possible outcome with respect to your criminal charges.

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