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Improper Passing Or Lane Changes

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Improper Passing Or Lane Changes


Improper Passing And Lane Change Tickets

Many Florida drivers don’t realize that, with the exception of certain circumstances, passing on the right is illegal. However, it happens so often that a slower vehicle gets in the left lane on a four-lane road (two-lanes traveling in each direction) that the only way to get past the slug of a vehicle in the left lane is to pass in the right lane. Well, under Florida traffic law, that tortoise in the left lane is supposed to move over to the right lane to let faster moving traffic legally pass on the left. Yet, that doesn’t always happen. Instead, that slow moving impediment to progress persists in blocking the “fast lane” with the antithesis of speed.

Not to be slowed down, you swing into the right lane, accelerate past the roadblock and then swing back into the left lane after overtaking the moving speed bump. However, your forward progress is further delayed by flashing red and blue lights that pull in behind you. The police officer or deputy sheriff writes you a improper passing ticket for passing on the right.


Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced traffic ticket attorneys know how best to defend a traffic citation for improper passing. There’s no reason to spend the time and energy attempting to defend yourself when Florida Ticket Firm’s lawyers have been there before. If you have received a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation for improper passing in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County or St. Lucie County, contact our Florida Ticket Firm attorneys 24/7 at 844-352-3476 for a FREE CONSULTATION. Florida Ticket Firm can help.