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Tickets For Driving With Faulty Equipment

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Tickets For Driving With Faulty Equipment

Tickets For Driving With Faulty Equipment


Florida traffic laws are generally focused on keeping Florida drivers, passengers, pedestrians and everyone on Florida’s streets, roads, highways, interstates, sidewalks and thoroughfares safe. In addition to making sure you drive your vehicle in a certain way and follow rules related to how motor vehicles can safely coexist on Florida roads, there are rules to ensure each motor vehicle on Florida’s roads is safely equipped, in good working order and functioning in a manner so as not to endanger you or others.

Your vehicle needs to have certain equipment to make sure you can drive your motor vehicle safely. You need to have functioning brakes as well as functioning brake lights to make sure others know when you are applying your brakes and slowing down. You need to have functioning turn signals so you can signal your intention to turn. If driving at night or during rain, smoke or fog, you need to have functioning headlights and tail lights to make sure you can see the roadway and to make sure other vehicles can see you. You also need to have a functioning light to illuminate your license plate so it can be seen at night.

If driving in the rain, you need to have functioning windshield wipers to make sure you can clear your windshield and see. You need to have a windshield to protect you from bugs, birds, rain and other airborne objects that could strike you, distract you, injure you and cause an accident if not for the windshield. There are also restrictions on tinting your windshield and windows to make sure visibility from your vehicle is not unduly impaired. Likewise, you need to have a rearview mirror so you can see the roadway and traffic behind you.

You also can’t be burning oil and spewing smoke all over the place from your car, SUV, truck or other motor vehicle. Not only is that kind of smokescreen bad for the environment, if it’s thick enough, it can blind other drivers and cause motor vehicle accidents.

In addition to smoke pollution, your vehicle needs to have a functioning muffler to prevent excessive sound pollution from your motor vehicle engine. Speaking of sound pollution, although you need to have a functioning horn, you can’t improperly install and use a locomotive whistle or locomotive horn in your vehicle while on Florida roads, streets, highways and interstates.

Faulty Equipment Ticket


These Florida motor vehicle equipment and Florida sound rules might sound complicated, but Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic ticket lawyers have heard them all before. Florida Ticket Firm and its Florida traffic citation defense attorneys are familiar with Florida Uniform Traffic Citations for faulty or improper motor vehicle equipment. Broken taillights, broken headlights, broken turn signals, broken mufflers, broken exhaust systems, broken rearview mirrors and broken car windows don’t necessarily have to turn into a broken driving record.

Let Florida Ticket Firm help you attempt to repair the situation created by receiving a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation for improper or unsafe equipment on your motor vehicle. Call Florida Ticket Firm at 844-352-3476 now for a FREE CONSULTATION. Florida Ticket Firm can help.