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Right-Of-Way Violations

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Right-Of-Way Violations

Got A Ticket For Violating The Right-Of-Way?


“It’s my turn!”
“No, it’s my turn!!”
“I was here first!!!”
“No, I was here first!!!!”
“Get out of my way!!!!!”
“No, you’re in my way!!!!!!”
“I’m right!!!!!!!!”
“No, I’m right!!!!!!!!”
“You’re wrong!!!!!!!!!”
“No, you’re wrong!!!!!!!!!”

Sounds like a sibling argument playing itself out in households throughout Florida every day. However, it’s actually the constant traffic battle being played out on Florida’s streets and roads between competing motorists and pedestrians every day at intersections and crossroads in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County and St. Lucie County. Florida traffic statutes (Florida traffic laws) determine whose turn it is (i.e., who has the right-of-way and who has to yield) even if someone wasn’t “first” and both vehicles arrived at the same time.

Who has the right-of-way – and who has to yield– is determined by applying Florida traffic laws to the never-ending variety of traffic situations unfolding on Florida roadways. Florida traffic rules determine whose turn it is to go, to stop, to move, to get out of the way, to go through an intersection, to make a left hand or right hand turn, to go straight, and to get off the road.

Basically, yielding the right-of-way means you need to make way, make room or get out of the way until it’s your turn. If you’re in the way when it’s not your turn, you can get a traffic ticket for failure to yield the right-of-way. If you’re not in the right legally, you’re in the wrong legally and might get a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation for violating the right-of-way.

Knowing when you are required to yield the right-of-way is not always clear in practice. In real life situations where Florida car drivers, truck drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians encounter each other on Florida streets, roads and interstates, Florida motorists and pedestrians are often confused as to who should go first. Other times, the drivers and pedestrians know exactly who has the right-of-way and ignore it, illegally – not to mention rudely – fail to yield the right-of-way. Then, other times, drivers and pedestrians are distracted and do not realize they have violated the right-of-way in a situation where they should have yielded the right-of-way. That is until that failure to yield the right-of-way results in an accident, a collision, or a crash; then everyone realizes there was a violation of the right-of-way.

Florida Ticket Firm Promise: No Points.*No School.* No Court.* OR YOUR MONEY BACK!*

Our experienced lawyers have collective experience defending over a million traffic tickets and thousands and thousands of people who have been accused of failing to yield the right-of-way. Sadly, failing to yield the right-of-way traffic tickets are incredibly common where there are traffic crashes, including auto accidents resulting in serious bodily injury to others and motor vehicle accidents resulting in the death of others. In situations where someone has failed to yield the right-of-way, it usually ends up meaning that two different vehicles are attempting to occupy the same space that only one vehicle should be occupying – that means potentially devastating damage with serious, life altering personal injuries and consequences. It also means potentially serious legal consequences for the driver charged with failure to yield the right-of-way.

Florida Ticket Firm and its lawyers know what to say on your behalf and the traffic ticket technicalities to be raised.

Do You Have Options?

The potential penalties for a violation of right-of-way ticket involving serious injury or death to another can result in your Florida driver license being suspended. That’s a serious consequence that could seriously affect your everyday life. Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic lawyers can take over defending your failure to yield traffic citation and improve the likelihood of the most favorable outcome. When charged with a traffic violation that can result in your driving privileges being suspended, you do not want to defend yourself, particularly when you could have Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced ticket lawyers defend you.

To prove a violation of right-of-way and enforce a failure to yield ticket, the state of Florida usually has to rely on witness testimony to prove its case, and many times the police officer, deputy sheriff or other law enforcement officer did not actually witness the alleged right-of-way traffic violation, but rather is relying on other witnesses or the positioning of vehicles following a traffic crash. Florida Ticket Firm’s ticket attorneys know how to question the testifying police officer or law enforcement officer to seek having your failure to yield ticket dismissed and you found not guilty.

Don’t Pay That Ticket. Fight That Ticket!

Remember that it’s the state’s burden to prove the traffic charges against you for failure to yield right-of-way. You don’t want to show up in court on your own and unknowingly and naively say something that ends up helping the state prove its case – and you end up being found guilty of the violation. Obviously, it would be much better to have your ticket dismissed or to find yourself acquitted or found not guilty. Florida Ticket Firm and its right-of-way ticket lawyers know what to say on your behalf and the traffic ticket technicalities to be raised.

Call us toll-free at 844-352-3476 to speak with one of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers or contact us online for a FREE CONSULTATION if you have received a Florida ticket for violation of right-of-way. Let Florida Ticket Firm take over handling your ticket so you can spend your valuable time outside of court.

* Limitations & restrictions apply. Non-criminal traffic violations, with no mandatory court appearance, only. Contingent on having no moving violations within two (2) years prior to issuance of subject ticket. Results may vary & depend upon individual circumstances. Call for further details