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Careless Driving

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Careless Driving

A Careless Driving Ticket Requires A Careful Attorney


Careless driving can result in accidents with property damage and worse yet, injuries. Traffic tickets for careless driving are commonly issued where there has been a car accident, including a rear-end accident or another fender bender. Drivers are required to be careful and alert, or they risk receiving a careless driving ticket or being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

When given a Florida driver license and the right and privilege to drive Florida’s streets, roads and interstates you must pay attention and look out for everyone else, as do all out-of-state drivers. Florida Ticket Firm is an experienced law firm that knows the potential defenses to careless driving infractions and the potential errors that the issuing law enforcement officer might have made in writing the ticket. Get a citation in Florida? We will represent you.

The state of Florida is required to prove its case to prosecute a Uniform Traffic Citation for careless driving.

Aggressively Representing You

You do not want to go into court alone and fail to raise available and valid defenses to a careless driving citation and risk being found guilty. You also do not want to attempt to defend yourself and take the risk that you might unknowingly help the state prove its case, thereby ending up with points assessed against your license and your insurance rates increasing.

Our traffic ticket attorneys know the weaknesses in the state’s careless driving case and know how to attack the evidence and cross-examine any witnesses to improve your odds of beating a careless driving charge. We will aggressively represent you and do our best to get the charges dismissed.

We Offer Free Consultations

If you have received a careless driving ticket statewide, Florida Ticket Firm in Tampa can help you. Contact us online or call 813-276-6000 for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. Se habla español.