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Are Red Light Cameras Legal In Florida?

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by | Oct 18, 2022 | Traffic Ticket

A red light camera captures photo or video evidence of potential traffic violations at road intersections. If the traffic light turns red before your car clears the intersection, you could get a red light camera citation. However, the concern for most people is the legality of Florida red light cameras. Are red light cameras legal in Florida?

The short answer is yes. Red light cameras are legal in Florida. Read further to understand the controversial nature of the use of red light cameras in Florida.

What Is A Red Light Camera?

A red light camera is a traffic enforcement tool that captures video or photos of a vehicle after entering the intersection once the traffic lights turn red. It takes two pictures and a 12-second video. In short, a red light camera automatically photographs automobiles that run red lights.

The red light camera system will record your vehicle and license plate number, as well as the following details:

  • Location
  • Vehicle speed
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Amount of time since the traffic light turned red

You won’t receive a red light camera ticket if you drive through a yellow light. This means that if you enter the intersection when the light is yellow and then turns red while you are in the intersection, you won’t receive a ticket.

Red light cameras are typically the property of third-party companies that forward the camera data and footage to the relevant authority. As a result, the photo or video evidence helps the authorities in traffic law enforcement.

Red light cameras can help reduce road accidents in major cities. Because of this, many local governments in Florida and other states are increasingly adopting red light cameras.

Who Is Held Responsible When A Red Light Camera Captures A Violation?

According to Florida law, the vehicle’s owner is liable for the red light photo citation, and the ticket is usually mailed to the vehicle’s owner. As the vehicle’s registered owner, you will still be liable even if you lend out the automobile.

Fortunately, you can contest the ticket based on solid grounds. But defending such an instance can be difficult to prove. A Florida traffic and speeding ticket lawyer can help you direct your efforts effectively.

Are Red Light Cameras Legal In Florida?

Yes, red light cameras are legal in Florida. The Florida Supreme Court 2019 ruling in Jimenez v. State stated that red light cameras are legal and can be utilized in the interest of public safety. Regardless of the ruling, some Florida cities and counties have chosen not to use red light cameras to issue citations.

However, many do. As such, it is advisable to always check with your local city government to confirm the operation of red light cameras in your area. The following areas within the state of Florida rely on red light cameras to maintain traffic safety:

  • Bay Harbor
  • Boynton Beach
  • Florida City
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Palm Beach

How Much Does A Ticket From A Red Light Camera Cost?

A red light camera ticket can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000, depending on your driving record, state, and red light location. In Florida, costs tend to vary across counties.

However, the usual cost of a red light camera ticket in Florida is $158. Failure to pay the red light camera ticket after the first mailed notification risks the fee rising to $262.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Ticket From A Red Light Camera In The Mail?

In case you receive a red light traffic ticket and don’t choose to contest it, ensure that you pay the required fine within 30 days of receiving the ticket. On the bright side, the first notice–also called a Notice of Violation–doesn’t usually add points to your driver’s license if paid promptly. Failure to pay the ticket fine on time will increase your fine and incur court costs, as well as result in three points being added to your driving record.

Worse, your license can be suspended if you keep ignoring the citation. You may also pay higher fines and incur the cost of reinstating your driver’s license.

Do you plan to contest the red light camera ticket? Start by hiring a Florida traffic and speeding ticket lawyer. A lawyer specializing in traffic tickets can help you understand and navigate Florida red light camera laws. They can also help you collect possible evidence to support your case to contest the red light camera ticket.

How Do I Know If A Red Light Camera Ticket Is Real?

Authorities in South Florida have recently warned motorists about fake red light ticket scams. People have received letters in the mail demanding payment for red light camera tickets. However, a closer look at the tickets reveals anomalies that point to the tickets being fake.

Below are things to look out for to determine whether the red light camera ticket you receive is real or fake.

  • Incorrect police logos
  • Out-of-state addresses
  • Misspellings
  • Confused dates

Besides these apparent signs of a fake red light camera ticket, the ticket must have the court’s full address and phone number. Additionally, if it says, “Do not contact the court,” it is most likely a fake red light camera ticket. You can choose to ignore a possibly fake ticket to save you money and time.

But it may be safer to call the police if something doesn’t look right with the ticket you receive. 

Fighting A Red Light Camera Traffic Ticket In Florida

If you receive a red light citation, chances are it may be wrong. In such a case, one solution would be to contest the red light camera ticket. Unfortunately, doing so on your own can be hectic, time-consuming, and challenging. Traffic and speeding ticket attorney can help you navigate the process of contesting a red light camera citation.

Have you been cited for a red-light violation under Florida state law? Florida Ticket Firm is a team of sharp legal minds with experience with this issue.

Our attorneys can help you fight red light camera traffic tickets in Florida with every resource and legal precedent available. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options if you receive a Florida red light camera traffic ticket.