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Consequences of unpaid traffic citations

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by | Apr 26, 2021 | Traffic Ticket

Some Florida residents may not think much of not paying a traffic ticket or ignoring a summons to appear in traffic court, but both actions can cause serious consequences. Motorists who consider non-compliance with the traffic court process should consider the ramifications before taking this action.

Failing to pay traffic tickets

Failing to pay fines associated with traffic tickets will result in the suspension of driving privileges. The restoration of driving privileges will only happen after the driver contacts their local traffic court to pay the fine. Some jurisdictions allow motorists to satisfy payment requirements through online payment portals.

The court will automatically upload citation clearance information into the system maintained by the state once payment becomes complete. It may become necessary to submit a reinstatement fee at the nearest driver’s license service center to regain full driving benefits.

Failure to appear in traffic court

Individuals who fail to appear for a traffic summons will also face an indefinite driver’s license suspension. The first step toward regaining driving privileges is to reach out to the court issuing the traffic summons. The driver must then satisfy all requirements set forth by the court. The driver may need to pay a reinstatement fee to complete the process.

Driving school

Drivers must sometimes complete a court-ordered driving school as part of their “punishment” for a traffic violation. Drivers who fail to meet this requirement will have their licenses suspended. Once again, driving privileges only become eligible for reinstatement after the driver contacts the court and satisfies all court requirements.

Citations from other states

A Florida driver can also lose the right to drive for not paying traffic citations issued by another state. Driving privileges resume when the driver shows a paid receipt for the traffic citation. The receipt must contain the seal of the county court accepting the payment.

The consequences that come with not paying a traffic citation or failing to meet the demands of a traffic summons can become more severe than a driver expected. Individuals with questions about unpaid traffic citations may find the answers they need by speaking with an attorney.