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Issued a ticket? You have a right to a defense

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by | Oct 8, 2020 | Traffic Ticket

If you get a ticket for speeding or another offense, you’re not alone. Thousands of people receive tickets every year in Florida. In fact, there were almost 3 million tickets issued by Florida’s law enforcement officers in 2017.

The types of traffic offenses that people commit can range from things like speeding to not wearing their seat belts. Many of these people given tickets didn’t harm anyone, but they did make mistakes that made them more dangerous on the roads.

As someone who is now facing a ticket, it’s important for you to be able to take steps to fight it. A ticket can have lasting repercussions, such as increasing the cost of your car insurance or adding points to your license. If you get too many points, you may lose your license.

How can you fight a ticket that you don’t feel is fair?

Fighting a ticket is always a good idea. Defending yourself gives you the opportunity to try to avoid the penalties that come with a guilty plea.

If you want to fight the ticket in court, the first thing to do is to reach out to your attorney. You and your attorney can talk about the evidence you have to show that you were innocent. For example, if you can show that your speedometer was not working properly, then that might help you defend against a speeding ticket.

It is important to be prepared in court and to know the facts. Your attorney will help you defend yourself, so you can minimize the chances of penalties.

What happens if you’re found guilty?

In the case that you are found to be guilty, you will potentially be ordered to go to traffic school. You may also be asked to pay a fine and have points added to your license. However, if you argue against the ticket, you may find that the penalties can be reduced and minimized, so you can avoid long-term repercussions.

Your attorney can talk to you more about what to expect based on the specifics of your case. A good defense can make a difference if you’re issued a ticket, so don’t assume that paying the ticket is the only option.